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Rimadyl Tablets For Dogs

20mg tablets for pain relief
Rimadyl Tablets are a non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) containing the active ingredient carprofen. Rimadyl tablets for dogs come as square brown tablets containing either 20mg, 50mg or 100mg carprofen and round white tablets containing 20mg and 50mg carprofen. Each tablet size is supplied in pots of either 14, 30 or 100 tablets. Rimadyl palatable tablets are extremely palatable and readily eaten by dogs though they can be given with food if required. Rimadyl is also available as a small white tablet in 20mg, 50mg sizes. These tablets are best administered in food. Rimadyl tablets are only licensed for use in dogs and should never be given to cats. Cats requiring a non steroidal anti-inflammatory should be treated with metacam oral suspension for cats. Rimadyl is made by PFIZER.
100mg palatable tablets for paon relief
Rimadyl tablets are used as an anti-inflammatory drug in a large number of canine illnesses. They are frequently used to relieve pain in both acute and chronic conditions. One of the commonest uses of rimadyl in dogs is in the treatment of canine arthritis ( degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis, stiff joints, ). It can also be used to treat many other painful diseases in dogs. For example post operative analgesia (pain relief) following orthopaedic surgery ( eg broken bone repair or cruciate ligament repair), routine neutering / spaying, following injuries such as a dog fight wound, for pain associated with muscle pulls or lameness, or for pain caused by cancer.

This website has been created by for information purposes only. Petprescription is a retailer of Rimadyl, but is not affiliated with or related to the manufacturer of Rimadyl in any way. The contents of this website are not sponsored or endorsed by the manufacturer of Rimadyl.
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  • - It should be used under the supervision of a vet who would prescribe it.
  • - The palatable tablets can be given with or without food
  • - It can be administered once a day or the daily dosage can be divided and given twice a day
  • - Discard any unused rimadyl according the expiration date on the container or drug label
  • - Check your dogs weight regularly to ensure accurate dosing.
  • - Wash your hands after handling the product
  • - If you accidentally overdose your dog contact your vet immediately
  • - Store at room temperature and not above 25˚C
  • - Store very securely out of reach and site of children and also your dog
  • - If your dog suffers any side effects then stop treatment immediately and contact your vet
  • - Treatment with a joint supplement (e.g. seraquin, cosequin, or synoquin) as well as can help dogs suffering from arthritis
  • - You must not give to cats. Cats requiring NSAID treatment should be given metacam oral
  • suspension for cats.
Symptoms of Arthritis

- Stiffness
- Lameness
- Unwilling to exercise
- Difficulty going up stairs
- Unable to jump in car
- Swollen joints
- Altered behaviour
- Crying out in pain

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- It is dosed according to your dogs bodyweight
- Dosing your dog accurately is essential therefore weigh your dog regularly
- It comes in three different tablet sizes containing 20mg, 50mg or 100mg carprofen
- The tablets sizes all come in containers with 14, 30 or 100 tablets
- Tablets are scored so that they can be easily and accurately halved to allow accurate dosing
- The maintenance dose rate of carprofen is 2mg per kg bodyweight per day given as a single dose or in two equally divided doses
- An initial dose rate of 2 - 4mg / kg per day may be given for up to 7 days
- Your veterinary surgeon should tell you what dose rate to administer / how many tablets to give
- Never exceed the dosage advised by your vet

  • - This is an extremely safe drug that has been widely used for many years and has very few serious side effects
  • - The commonest side effects are loss of appetite (anorexia) , vomiting (sickness) and diarrhoea (loose stools) with or without blood
  • - Most side effects occur within the first 7 days of treatment and will generally improve once treatment is stopped
  • - Less common side effects include liver and kidney damage, blood clotting disorders, and gastric ulcers
  • - If used carefully and according to the instructions from your vet these side effects are very uncommon
  • - Your vet would not have prescribed if he did not think that the benefits were greater than the small risk of side effects
  • - If your dog suffers from any side effects then stop the treatment and contact your vet immediately
  • - Never administer to dogs less than six weeks old
  • - Never administer to pregnant or lactating dogs
  • - Never administer to dogs with pre-existing heart,liver or kidney problems.

- Rimadyl tablets are a POM-V (prescription only medicine - veterinarian) therefore they are only available on prescription from your vet
- Dogs must be under the care of the prescribing veterinary surgeon and must therefore have been seen sufficiently recently by your vet in order for him/her to prescribe medication
- Dog owners may purchase directly from the prescribing vet or they may request a written prescription that can used to buy online from a pet dispensary or pharmacy
- Vets cannot refuse to supply a written prescription if requested though they are entitled to charge a reasonable fee for doing so
- Since the majority of dogs prescribed are being treated for a longterm conditions such as arthritis they will require treatment for the rest of their life
- You may buy online legally from a supplier such as
- Medication we supply is exactly the same as you would purchase from your vet though typically 40-60% cheaper
Example (A dog with arthritis):
• A 50 kg Rottweiler taking one Rimadyl 100mg once daily (the recommended dose) would need 4 pots of 100 tablets Rimadyl 100mg in one year
• The cost of purchasing 4 pots of 100 tablets of rimadyl 100mg from a typical vet would be approximately £670***
• The cost of purchasing 4 pots of rimadyl 100mg from would be £271.96*** (this price includes standard delivery and assumes you would buy at least 2 pots at a time)
• The potential annual saving is £395*** if you purchase your dogs rimadyl for their arthritis from (this excludes the cost of a written prescription)
• Assuming your vet charges £10-15 for a written prescription you will still be saving in excess of £380*** per annum
**Prices accurate as of date shown** 22/03/13

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